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          Powerfull WheelChair with Off-Road Feautes -7895

          The 3-year warranty Fulmaks 7895 chair model with battery wheels has orthopedic seat, backrest, head support and suspension.
          Manufacturer: Fulmaks
          SKU: 7895
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          Delivery date: 1 week
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          It has 2 motion tech motors with 450 watts. It has professional pg vsi joystick and 40 amp gel batteries. Side armrests can be widened and narrowed, and all overweight or thin citizens can use it comfortably. It has a carrying capacity of 200 kg. All mechanical and electronic parts are produced by the best brands in the world and it is a professional product that can be used for many years without any problems. 

          PG JoyStick
          Orthopedic leather chair, reclining back, side armrests expand or contract outward, with shock absorbers.
          51 cm, 80 cm adjustable
          3 Years Warranty, Service, Unlimited Spare Parts
          Battery Type:
          40 Ah Gel Battery 2 Pieces
          Charging Time:
          6 Hours
          Max. Speed:
          8 km/h
          Battery Driving Range:
          40 km
          Seat Upholstery:
          Sweat-proof, dirt-proof, non-flammable, and easily cleaned
          Metallic Gray
          Weight Carrying Capacity:
          200 kg
          80 kg
          100 cm
          Outer Width:
          66 cm
          Seating Width:
          51 cm, 80 cm adjustable
          Seating Height From Ground:
          55 cm
          Climbing Slope:
          Folded Size:
          74x67x80 cm
          Front Wheel:
          Pu Foam Filler 200 × 50
          Rear Wheel:
          Pu Filler Thick Diameter 3.00-8

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