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          Picture for blog post New Model Battery Powered Wheelchairs

          New Model Battery Powered Wheelchairs

          Take a look at Fulmaks and you will see a company that not only understands the challenges you face, but makes it easier for you to live consistently and safely, knows how to use design, technology and creativity to solve them, and has been serving for nearly 70 years.

          New Fulmaks 7860 Series

          As our technology progresses, we have developed more design options and features for our battery powered chairs. Fulmaks battery powered wheelchairs have a wide range of products to meet unique needs. The German patented Fulmaks 7860 and 7860 plus models are high performance with 450 watt MotionTech motors. It is a professional product of German origin that focuses on the most comfortable and comfortable driving for the users without any difficulties with its front wheels, large, shock absorber, strong chassis. Assembly and setup are done in Bursa factory. Hardware (PG JoyStick, MotionTech Motor) produced by the world's best brands is also available in our 7860 model. With its extra LED headlight equipment, signals, it provides a pleasant driving at night. You can activate all the functions of your headlights on the multifunctional PG VSI JoyStick control.

          Designed with every need in mind and safety ensured

          Cordless wheelchairs, also called electric wheelchairs, are a modern innovation that has made many lives better. Using a battery powered wheelchair can restore the elderly's sense of independence and reclaim the tasks and pleasures they gave up before. Having a power wheelchair can also ease the physical burden for caregivers using non-electric wheelchairs.

          A battery powered wheelchair is a mobility aid device. It is often used by people with a medical condition who have lost the ability to walk or complete daily life activities independently. As people cannot use manual wheelchairs or electric scooters, they use motorized, ie battery powered wheelchairs. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that affects your mobility and would like to learn more about battery powered wheelchairs, we have a variety of helpful information articles where you can explore how Fulmaks power wheelchairs work, how fast they travel, and which cordless wheelchair is right for you.

          Products related with this blog post

          Lightweight Folding Power WheelChair - 8001
          Lightweight Folding
          It is a practical, quickly foldable battery powered chair model without removing parts. 21 kg. heavy weight, ideal for travel and carrying in car trunk.
          Lightweight Folding Battery Powered Wheelchair - 8002
          Lightweight Folding
          The biggest features of the 8002 model battery powered wheelchair are that it weighs 26 kg, its carrying capacity of 130 kg and that it can be folded in 5 seconds practically without removing any parts from it.
          Comfort Foldable Power WheelChair - 7894
          It is a comfortable model with foldable design that has 400 Watt MotionTech motor power. Powerful body that does not strain on any ramp, 36 AMP large gel powerful batteries keep it going longer. All mechanical and electronic equipment are produced by the best brands in the world, guaranteed for 3 years, can be used for many years is our professional product. It was assembled and installed in our Bursa factory.

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