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          Lightweight Folding

          Lightweight Folding Power WheelChair - 8001

          It is a practical, quickly foldable battery powered chair model without removing parts. 21 kg. heavy weight, ideal for travel and carrying in car trunk.
          Manufacturer: Fulmaks
          SKU: 8001
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          Delivery date: 1 week
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          Being lightweight provides convenience when going on vacation, on the plane, in travel situations. It is a light product with lithium batteries and aircraft material titanium chassis. It is a 2-year warranty and it is a professional product with all mechanical and electronic parts produced by the best brands in the world. Factory and installation is done in our Bursa factory.

          • 2 Years Warranty, Service,
          • Spare parts are always unlimitedly available
          • 200 watt 2 emotion motors (USA)
          • Joystik Professional PG Driver VSI (USA)
          • Battery Type 24 volt 12 amp lithium battery

          Call for detailed pre-sales information about direct sales from the factory, equipment and technical specifications.

          PG JoyStick
          Aluminum titanium chassis, Foldable dimensions 30x71x62 cm
          Foldable, feet out, armrests fold back
          2 Years Warranty, Service, Unlimited Spare Parts
          Battery Type:
          24 volt 12 amp lithium battery
          Charging Time:
          6 Hours
          Max. Speed:
          7 km/h
          Battery Driving Range:
          20 km
          Seat Upholstery:
          Sweat-proof, dirt-proof, non-flammable, and easily cleaned
          Metallic Gray
          Weight Carrying Capacity:
          100 kg
          100 cm
          Outer Width:
          Seating Width:
          43 cm
          Seating Height From Ground:
          52 cm
          Climbing Slope:
          Folded Size:
          95x 54 x 40 cm
          Front Wheel:
          200 × 50 silicone sealant 7 cm diameter
          Rear Wheel:
          Silicone Sealant 12 cm diameter

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