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          Picture for blog post 5 Best Battery Powered Wheelchair Model

          5 Best Battery Powered Wheelchair Model

          If you or someone you know needs a reliable form of personal transportation due to an injury or a long-term chronic condition, these battery powered wheelchairs include durable, off-road, affordable and foldable models that you can take almost anywhere, including airplanes. 

          1. Best battery powered wheelchair by price

          Our battery powered chair with the best price, that is, the most affordable, is our Fulmaks 7890 model. This battery powered chair is also eligible for donation . While determining the price, the quality of any equipment has not been compromised. Fulmaks 7890 is inexpensive because some of the chairs mentioned below do not include the extra features.

          Fulmaks Battery Powered Chair, Wheelchair, from the factory to the public Fulmaks 7890 is an affordable battery powered chair. The product designed as an economical battery powered model is a foldable starter model. The chassis structure, engine power, battery, tires, comfort, carrying capacity and performance of this vehicle are limited by acceptable economic standards. Although this product is an economical model, the original PG VSI Joystick is used in the joyStick controller, which is the most expensive part of the Fulmaks battery powered chairs.

          2. Lightest Battery Powered Wheelchair

          8002 is the lightest battery powered wheelchair produced by Fulmaks. This vehicle weighs 26 kg in total and has a carrying capacity of 130 kg. Fulmaks 8002 can be easily folded within 5 seconds without any part removed. Ideal for travel and vehicle transport.

          The 8002 is made of lithium batteries and materials used in aircraft technology. The most important feature that makes it light is titanium chassis. The light weight of this vehicle does not mean that its performance is compromised. MotionTech provides high performance with its gearmotor power.

          You can take the 8002 with its canvas to the empty position of the motors and take them wherever you want in the form of a suitcase. It is a 2-year warranty and it is a professional product with all mechanical and electronic components produced by the best brands in the world. Factory is built in our Bursa factory.

          3. The Most Comfortable Battery Powered Chair

          There are also users who care about comfort in choosing the best battery powered wheelchair. Undoubtedly, all of our battery powered wheelchairs are designed and tested in the best way for comfort and healthy sitting and driving, but some of our battery powered wheelchairs have extra comfort features such as headlights, leather seats, additional engine power has.

          Fulmaks 7896 has 2 high performance 550 watt EcoTech Motion motors with large tires. Its chassis is strong, it is not difficult on rough roads, it provides strength on pavements and land. Its leather seats, special upholstery and shock absorbers increase its comfort. It allows it to be used at night with its headlight equipped.

          4. Newest Design Battery Powered Andallion

          Our newest design battery powered chair model is our 7860 and 7860 Plus models that we put on sale in 2020. These New Sport Design and German Technology vehicles have a special seat in orthopedic sports design. It can produce high performance / power with 450 Watt MotionTech motors. Thanks to the large front wheels and a strong chassis with shock absorbers, it offers users a comfortable and comfortable ride without any obstacles.

          It is a professional product of German origin with 2 years warranty. The factory and its establishment are done in Bursa factory. Hardware (PG JoyStick, MotionTech Motor) produced by the world's best brands is also available in our 7860 model. With its extra LED headlight equipment, signals, it provides a pleasant driving at night. All functions of the headlights can be switched on via the multifunctional PG VSI JoyStick control.

          5. Best Cordless Chair Kids

          Our best battery powered chair model for kids is 7880 Kids Folding Battery Powered Chair. It is a foldable and relatively narrow model. It has 2 MotionTech motors with 200 Watt power. Specially designed for children with professional PG VSI JoyStick and 36 Amps gel batteries.

          All mechanical and electronic equipment are manufactured by the world's most respected electric chair equipment manufacturers with high quality. Fulmaks 7880 is a professional product and is guaranteed for 2 years like our other models. It is a battery powered chair that can be used for many years without any problems. Factory is made in our battery powered wheelchair factory in Bursa . Being disabled doesn't mean you need other people to take you around the city. All models on our list have a range of at least 10 km on a single charge. The Fulmaks 7860 and 7895 - 96 models are the best option if you are using uneven, heavily paved or off-road use. The large rear wheels on these vehicles provide an impressive level of stability on even terrain. Our 7880 model is ideal for folding and carrying on travel, if these features are important to you, you can choose. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the best battery powered chair is the battery powered chair that best meets various needs. Each model can offer what other options do not.

          Products related with this blog post

          Comfort Foldable Power WheelChair - 7894
          It is a comfortable model with foldable design that has 400 Watt MotionTech motor power. Powerful body that does not strain on any ramp, 36 AMP large gel powerful batteries keep it going longer. All mechanical and electronic equipment are produced by the best brands in the world, guaranteed for 3 years, can be used for many years is our professional product. It was assembled and installed in our Bursa factory.
          Picture of Economic Power WheelChair 7890
          Fulmaks 7890 is an affordable wheelchair model. The product, designed as an economical power wheelchair is our starting model that can be folded.
          7892 Foldable Battery Powered Wheel Chair
          It is a foldable, above standard battery powered chair model. Battery powered chairs are frequently preferred for donation. 300 watt 2 MotionTech motors, 34 ah gel dual batteries, Pg vsi joystick control, powerful body and all mechanical and electronic equipment on it are produced by the best brands in the world.
          Children's Folding Battery Powered WheelChair - 7880
          For Kids
          It is a foldable releatively narrow power wheelchair model for children. This wheelchair has 2 MotionTech electric motors with 200 watt power. Designed for children with professional PG VSI JoyStick and 36 AMP Gel batteries.
          Lightweight Folding Power WheelChair - 8001
          Lightweight Folding
          It is a practical, quickly foldable battery powered chair model without removing parts. 21 kg. heavy weight, ideal for travel and carrying in car trunk.
          Lightweight Folding Battery Powered Wheelchair - 8002
          Lightweight Folding
          The biggest features of the 8002 model battery powered wheelchair are that it weighs 26 kg, its carrying capacity of 130 kg and that it can be folded in 5 seconds practically without removing any parts from it.
          7891 Standard Foldable Battery Powered Wheel Chair
          Our Fulmaks 7891 model is our standard folding battery powered wheelchair model.

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