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          Lightweight Folding

          Lightweight Folding Power WheelChair - 8002

          The biggest features of the 8002 model battery powered wheelchair are that it weighs 26 kg, its carrying capacity of 130 kg and that it can be folded in 5 seconds practically without removing any parts from it.
          الصانع: Fulmaks
          SKU: 8002
          الشحن مجانا
          تاريخ التسليم او الوصول: 1 week
          دعوة لتسعير

          It provides ease of transportation when going on holiday, on the plane, in travel situations. It is light with its lithium batteries and aircraft material titanium chassis, it provides high performance with the power of motion tech geared motor, you can take the motors to empty position with the canvas and take them wherever you want in the form of luggage. It is a professional product with all mechanical and electronic components produced by the best brands in the world. Assembly and installation are carried out in our Bursa factory.

          • 2 Years Warranty, Service,
          • Spare parts are always unlimitedly available
          • 200 watt 2 emotion motors (USA)
          • Joystik Professional PG Driver VSI (USA)
          • Battery Type 24 volt 12 amp lithium battery

          Call for detailed pre-sales information about direct sales from the factory, equipment and technical specifications.

          PG JoyStick
          Aluminum titanium chassis, Foldable dimensions 30x71x62 cm
          Foldable, feet out, armrests fold back
          2 Years Warranty, Service, Unlimited Spare Parts
          Battery Type:
          24 volt 20 amp lithium battery
          Charging Time:
          9 Hours
          Max. Speed:
          7 km/h
          Battery Driving Range:
          30 km
          Seat Upholstery:
          Sweat-proof, dirt-proof, non-flammable, and easily cleaned
          Metallic Gray
          Weight Carrying Capacity:
          100 kg
          100 cm
          Outer Width:
          Seating Width:
          46 cm
          Seating Height From Ground:
          55 cm
          Climbing Slope:
          Folded Size:
          72x 62 x 40 cm
          Front Wheel:
          200 × 50 silicone sealant 7 cm diameter
          Rear Wheel:
          Silicone Sealant 12 cm diameter

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